Lot happened in 2 months!!

Every week, I keep thinking about my next post and time keeps going by… it has been almost 2 months since my last post, so I thought I do a quick recap.

Malaysia Airlines: It has been 3 weeks since the Malaysia Airlines MH 370 flight disappeared.  As you can see my last post was about my visit to Kuala Lumpur.  I traveled to India in January on Malaysia Airlines and from Los Angeles to Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur and back same route, I flew on Boeing 777-200 the same type of plane that disappeared.  So I can’t stop thinking about how it would have felt for passengers on that plane, no matter what happened.  My thoughts and prayers are with the passengers and their family.  I sure will keep counting my blessing every time I get off a plane.

Almost on CNBC: last week, I traveled to New York to be on a CNBC segment on BirdieBox.com, a new venture I am being part of… The night before the interview we find out that they do not have enough space on stage and had to cut my segment out.. at last minute on the day of the interview, they moved it to outside of NYSE and I almost got back on there, except that there as no spare microphone available – oh well, my time will come, but it was an awesome experience visiting NYSE and CNBC studios on the floor of the stock exchange.

My 2 new favorite apps: Lesli and I have been using the Jawbone UP bands to keep track of our activity and the UP app on iPhone is one my favorite apps.  You know a good user experience when you are addicted to the app and being in Technology field, I really appreciated the effort put into making the app so good.  Then on my trip to New York, I finally got to use UBER.  It has been out for a while, but I never got a chance to use it till recently and instantly fell in love with it – the simplicity and functionality are the two most impressive factors about this app.

Travel: Obviously it has been one of the busiest travel quarter of my life.  I had some interesting experiences like getting stuck in a hotel during snow in Atlanta, someone taking my bag to Mexico City during our vacation trip to Puerto Vallarta, etc.  Finally home for a full week in a month and plan to catch up with life and things I enjoy doing… like writing this blog.

Headed back to India in a couple of week – will be peak summer, but the excitement of opening our second development center on May 2nd is going to be well worth it!