Closing on Million Miles of travel recorded…

How often do you travel? Have you wondered where you been in the world?  When I was trying to keep log of all my travel, I came across a site called back in 2007.

(Click the banner to see the details)

Flight Memory is free and when I joined there were about 50 K users on it. I think it is close to 130 K users now.  The site is based in Germany and there are a lot of users/travel recorded in Germany.  But you can customize it to show US as your default map.

I started recording all my travel, even prior to 2007 (whatever I could remember), so I have 987 K miles recordes so far, probably will hit million miles here next month.  The cool thing about you get detailed statistics by year and all places you been, what seat you were sitting in etc.  You can click on the banner to see the basic public stats.  Of course the stats require accurate data entry including flight numbers, times, seat numbers, etc.  As you can see it is one of hobbies/obsession (whatever you want to call it).  One of the pieces of data you can record is the “tail number” – the registration that is on the plane towards the rear.  I try my best to get that information and found a few interesting notes.

  1. One time I was leaving Hyderabad back to Frankfurt on Lufthansa and the plane is the same one I arrived on 3 weeks ago.
  2. As much as I fly delta,  I have been on one plane more then 3 times – a lot of them 2 times, but I guess they mix up planes quite a bit on same routes.
  3. The registrations follow a standard – all North American planes start with N, the ones in India VT- (not sure what it stands for), etc.

Obviously I am in top 1% of people recording the data on the site.

Spent close to 100 days on planes in the last 6 years and been to moon and back twice 🙂

Give it a try even if you travel lightly…

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