Top 5 Apps you use most….

It has been too long since I did a new post…

Been thinking a lot about what apps people use on a day to day basis.  Almost all of us have smartphones and check phone first thing in the morning when we wake up.  What are your top 5 apps and why do you use them?

1.  Vonage Extensions: This app lets you call internationally using your Vonage VOIP line at home.  With 2 offices, friends and family in India, I almost use this on a daily basis.  Before Vonage Extensions app, I used calling cards to call India and also Skype now and then.  This is a MUST app for me right now.

2.  UP ( – Ever since we got introduced to the UP bands last year (thanks Sally Anne), we (Lesli & I) been keeping track of walk and sleep activity on a daily basis.  It is not uncommon to plug the band in 4-8 times a day (the new bands sync via bluetooth).  This is also one of the most easy to use, sophisticated apps I found.  I really like the interface and functionality.  Well Done.

3.  WhatsApp: Ok, it is not so popular in US.  No wonder Facebook paid billions to acquire this.  This app is the communication standard in India. There is also a group of all my cousins that share jokes and other information on a regular basis.  The ultimate use happened, when I bought some furniture for the office in India seeing the photos from the store and negotiating back and forth on it…

4. Word with Friends: Oh Yes, been playing for more than for 4 years… not too many friends play with me now… since I figured out how to win most of the time.  The app has gone through a lot of revisions… still fun.

5. Sports Center: Still use this app by ESPN often to see what games are going on.

Of Course, I do use most common apps like mail, camera, etc. but I find myself reaching for these 5 apps most often when I have my phone.  You notice Facebook is not a top 5 for me.  I tend to visit Facebook more on my computer than on my phone.  I use Skype a lot for office communications, again on my computer.

I also use travel apps significantly especially Delta, America Airlines, SPG, etc. when I travel.  I don’t know if I am an app junkie, I have about 75 apps on my phone.. I wonder what is the average number out there….




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