No Shave November… Recap

December 1st, in India…got up today to shave for the first time in a month… had a lot of thoughts about last month and my whole no-shave November experience… and also been a month since I wrote my last blog… so here is the recap.

Final Look before shaving:

Final No Shave

  • I saved 5 hrs of my time during the month of November by not shaving… Yeah!!! But I also spent over 5 hours trying to weed out the long gray hairs with my little scissors to look young (Guilty!!!)… after a while, I gave up…
  • I got to write about three dear friends in my blogs… made me cherish their memories
  • Talked to at least 100+ people about No Shave November… some tried to do the same themselves, but gave up after few days it seems, some donated… glad to produce whatever impact I could for cancer causes..
  • Bought my No Shave November T-Shirt and donated my “best guess” of savings to American Cancer Society… Overall reported over $1 million donations a week ago.. not sure what their final tally was
  • Looked more middle easterner like during my flight on Qatar Airways last week… at least that’s what I thought 🙂
  • Had fun shaving today… by taking few selfies… one before… one with goatie, one with mustache only (not shared here to spare you guys…)
  • Had the privilege of taking many selfies during the month of November and share them shamelessly on Facebook regularly… will stop for a few days now

On a serious note… it was a privilege and can’t wait for next November to come to do it all over again… next time reach more people to participate with me!!


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