Wildlife in Montana

After a few blogs with a lot of “words” I decided to do a picture blog.

Two weeks ago I was in Montana for a week – during our trips to Glacier National Park and National Bison Range, ran into quite a bit of wildlife – some of it pretty close… Here are a few samples.

MountainGoatMountain Goat… it is the official symbol on Glacier National Park… this one was busy grazing and checking out curious photographers…

MarmotYou think it is a gopher or a squirrel… it was a Marmot… not afraid of people and freely wondering in Glacier National Park.

DeerBuckHey, Leave me alone.. I am resting… this Deer buck didn’t get spooked and stayed in its place as we drove by it in National Bison Range.

SheepBig Horn Sheep.. Glacier National Park… they were a little high up from the road… tough to spot.

BisonOf Course Bison at National Bison Range… we seen a herd at a distance but not too many up close on our trip…

AntelopeAntelope near the tail end of the National Bison Range drive… quite a few of them.. being guarded by this buck.

OspreyOsprey? Eagle? Couldn’t tell from the distance… nesting on the shores of Flathead Lake near Polson.

We also ran into quite a few other deer, saw a black bear at National Bison range, too far for a good picture, Grouse, more deer… amazing to see them in the wild…

Next up… pictures from Glacier and Flathead Lake… without Animals….

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