It is just a straw!!!!

A Plastic Straw that is!!

You probably seen a lot of news about major companies promising to cut down on using Plastic Straws including Starbucks and a few airlines.  Man, it is just a straw, with all the single use plastic being used daily all over, why are we after the straw? Will it even make an impact on environment??

My guess is it does!! Well, it is not the straw, but the concept of being aware of single usage plastic in your every day life is what the result should be.

Reduction of Single Use Plastic

Back in June we did a small event in my hometown of Rajahmundry, India under our non-profit Enrich Future.  It was an eye-opening experience, the lack of awareness of how plastic doesn’t degrade and it is clogging up water resources.  Ever since we have been trying to distribute bags, make people aware of plastic by publishing news and articles on the Facebook page.

Around the same time, there has been a lot of similar activity around the world and there are a lot of new plastic ban laws are springing up in India and also all over the world.

I am not one of those that will try to preach to everyone about Plastic, so I am making a humble attempt to make people aware of their plastic use.

Plastic is a great material, it is a scientific marvel and unfortunately it is so good, it doesn’t disintegrate and every plastic item manufactured is still on earth somewhere or in some shape.  Everyday we use a lot of “single use” plastic without even noticing it… like the morning news paper in a Plastic bag, the coffee cup at Starbucks with plastic coating, the straw in your drink, the water bottles, the utensils in a lot of fast food places and wrappers on everything you buy.

So, just try to reduce one item at a time, starting with the “Straw” 🙂

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