My View on recent Elections in India…

My views are limited by the information I see during my stays in India.  As I cannot vote in India I don’t have the privilege to influence its outcome or be a part of it, but it does effect the life of everyone I car about…

First of all about Parliament elections…

Congratulations to Modi for returning to power… no one person can make an effective change in policy of any kind and he needs sometime before the progress shows.  India is still a country that is only 72 years young after independence…. after 200+ years of British Raj, how can you expect it to be on right path in such a short term.  We still follow British political system it instilled on us.  I seen more bold moves to get India to be on right path than the years before… and Modi is also a beneficiary of the changing dynamic of the entire thinking of the country… Hope the next 5 years puts India in the fast track to being a formidable force in the world.

Now coming to politics of my home state Andhra Pradesh… I am not sure what to say… since the separation of Andhra Pradesh into 2 states, things haven’t been the same.  The ruling party the last few years was so wishy-washy… there is no chance for them to return to power.  YS Jagan, the new to be CM fought hard to get into power.. is he the right person to get AP to its glory? Only time will tell.  You have to respect the will of the people and can’t criticize your leaders and undercut any progress they may be able to make… but I am skeptical on the impact ANY government can have on this fractured state of AP, since its separation from Telangana.

The most disappointing outcome of the elections is about my home town of Rajahmundry.  The two Members of Legislative party are going to be from TDP not from the YSRCP the party that is getting into power. In this huge wave of change in AP, how come we have two people one a veteran member and a new comer won the seats.  Rajahmundry got the least amount of attention after the separation and now for the next 5 years the two representatives will be in the ineffective opposition side and it will only make things worse.  I really hoped to see Mr. Rowthu Surya Prakasa Rao garu to be the next MLA and a minister in the government and help move Rajahmundry forward.

India is the largest democracy in the world… big respect to that… but it still needs to evolve and reform its political system to compete with rest of the world rather than continuing embrace the “colonial” and “imperial” political system that British left us with… that is just my humble opinion.


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